New Balance – What do the numbers mean?!

May 28th, 2010 by Ransacker | 1 Comment

Whilst other manufacturers choose to name their shoes after Greek Gods or Cloud Formations, New Balance simply use numbers, but what do they mean?!

New Balance divides its running shoes into 5 categories. Supportive Cushioning, Mid-Foot Strike, Neutral Cushioning, Lightweight and Stability

New Balance running shoes are classified by two letters, a 2, 3, or a 4-digit model number, and two final numbers. A typical sneaker may read, “MR768WN.” The first one or two letters represents the gender and sneaker type, such as “MR,” which is short for “Men’s Running.” The numbers are the model number and the last two letters represent the color/style of the model such as white and navy.

Within the categories you will find several running shoes with multiple numbers. So for example in the Supportive Cushioning running shoes category you will find shoes ranging from 700, 800 up to 1900 or even higher. 

The higher the number in the category the more technology to support the classification, the higher quality materials, and the higher grade of cushioning will be present.  Coincidentally, the price also tends to get higher!

So for example in the Supportive Cushioning category starts with the the New Balance 740; which provides perfect mild support shoe with good levels of cushioning making it ideal runners who seeks a solid platform with restriction in their shoes. 

Whilst at the top-end of the range is the impressive New Balance 1906. A mild supportive running shoe with all the added extras; The New Balance 1906 incorporates full-length N-ergy system and a BIOCOOL lined upper. To provide supreme cushioning, a touch of stability, and a soft, accommodating, mesh upper for unbelievable fit.

Another thing to note; when a shoe is redesigned, the model number is increased by one. This tracks the style of shoe and differentiates each running shoe, which is especially useful when trying to order or a track a particular model.

Different Lasts & Widths

New Balance is renowned for providing great fitting running shoes and variable widths. A last is a system used for people with different types of feet, such as wide and irregular-sizes. New Balance lasts are located on the insole of all running shoes that read SL-1 or SL-2. The SL-1 last fits the heel, instep, the height of the toe box and average feet. The SL-2 last fits a narrow heel, high instep, deep toe box and wide feet.

Not all feet are the same. If you have wide feet, narrow feet or an oddly shaped foot, you know it’s not easy to find comfortable footwear that doesn’t leave your feet hurting. New Balance is the only major footwear manufacturer to offer the majority of their shoe models in multiple widths, from narrow (2A) to extra-extra-wide (6E).

To view the complete range of New Balance running shoes at the lowest prices click on this link.

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  1. Jon Wingate says:

    Over the years I have found new balance to provide the best fitting shoes. The do tend to come up a little short though so you may want to go half a size bigger. The widths are great though for my fat feat.

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