Sneak Peek – Nike LunarEclipse+

May 18th, 2010 by Ransacker | 10 Comments

Nike Lunar Eclipse

To find out all the latest information about the Nike LunarEclipse+ please click on this link.

Next Friday we will be attending the launch of the much anticipated; Nike LunarEclipse+ running shoes but in the meantime here is some information about the shoe that looks set to take the running world by storm.

The Nike LunarGlide+ managed to successfully combine, not only cushioning and stability but fashoion and functionality, and the Nike LunarEclipse+ is no different. However, where as the LunarGlide+ was a mid price range shoe the Nike LunarEclipse+ will be at the top of the pile (£89.99 RRP), putting it direct competition with the ASICS Kayano 16 and ASICS Nimbus 12.

Make no mistake Nike, has purposely positioned the LunarEclipse+ to compete with ASICS flagship shoes. In fact it has been designed to provide greater cushioning than the Nimbus 12 and more support than the Kayano 16. This we can’t wait to see!

Nike Say: With each step, every move, the Nike LunarEclipse+ running shoe is there to cushion you. It’s all about how you step, as well as what’s there to meet your foot. With the LunarEclipse, you get a dynamic cushioning system that adjusts to your specific gait. Whether you have a neutral step, overpronate or underpronate, you’ll have the cushioning you need to go the distance.

The LunarEclipse features a Dynamic Support Platform, an innovative design that benefits from its distinct wedge shape. Carefully concealed at the midfoot, this wedge foam engages only as much as it needs to. For neutral runners, you’ll just feel the plush cushion you need. For overpronators, the foam kicks into action, delivering extra firm support.

Enhanced with Flywire technology and Lunarlon foam, this shoe not only delivers cushioning, it keeps things nice and light. Flywire supports your foot for a snug, comfortable fit. Lunarlon is the stuff that adds that extra spring to your step. New features include:

  • Breathable mesh upper with Flywire technology for ultra-lightweight support.
  • Seamless construction to minimize chafing and irritation.
  • A floating heel support clip that moves with the foot for stability and an enhanced fit during all phases of foot strike.
  • Dynamic Support platform at midfoot with wedge shaped foam and Lunarlon for springy, responsive cushioning.
  • Three-layer sockliner at midsole for great step-in feel with added support.
  • Rubber outsole with Waffle pattern for traction on a variety of surfaces.
  • Gender specific flex grooves for enhanced flexibility and a smooth, efficient stride.

We Say: Our retailers have nothing but praise for the LunarGlide and the LunarEclipse appears to have evolved the concept further. If Nike can build on the success of the LunarGlide and create a shoe which manages the above then we could see Nike making a significant impact the ASICS bottom line. Please join us on Twitter & Facebook next Friday (28th of May) for exclusive content including an interview with the designer Ernest Kim, sneak pictures and the chance to win & review a pair of Nike LunarEclipse+!

To find out more about Nikes’ unique Dynamic Support System watch this video.

To find the cheapest prices in the UK for the Nike LunarEclipse please click on this link.

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Sneak Peek - Nike LunarEclipse+, 6.8 out of 10 based on 27 ratings


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10 Responses to “Sneak Peek – Nike LunarEclipse+”

  1. Terry says:

    Is it true it’s not going to be released until December, even in the States?

    I’d also be grateful if your testing could find out if the Lunar Eclipse fits wider feet.

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  2. Terry says:

    Where’s your review of these shoes?

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  3. Ransacker says:

    Hi Terry – Belive it or not Nike don’t actually have any stock in the UK for us to trial. We have been promised some for a few weeks. As soon as we have them on our feet we will put a review on the site. Thanks for keeping us on our toes!

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    Rating: 4.0/5 (1 vote cast)
  4. [...] week we will preview the Nike LunarEclipse+, a shoe that by its own name and in our opinion will Eclipse the success of the LunarGlide+ VN:F [...]

  5. Terry says:

    Nike UK tells me the Lunar Eclipse has already been released – to Sweat Shop. But Sweat Shop tells me this is bunkum and they haven’t yet been given a release date by Nike. Ho hum…

    Sweat Shop say they expect to have it by September at £90. The Eclipse does not have a wide fitting. I guess I’ll just have to try a half size bigger than my normal size in a wide fitting shoe in the hope that this will compensate…

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    Rating: 0.0/5 (0 votes cast)
  6. Ransacker says:

    Hi Terry – We will try and get to the bottom of it this week. Will keep you posted!

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  7. Ransacker says:

    Just spoken to Nike and although they won’t be forced into giving a specific launch date the Nike LunarEclipse+ will be released in October and the RRP will be £90. We hope to have a pair to review in the next few weeks…

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  8. Simon says:


    I am privileged to have had an opportunity to try out the LunarEclipse+ and my initial impressions of the shoe are here: http://www.ransacker.co.uk/running-shoes/one-hell-of-a-nike-the-lunareclipse-launch/

    I tend to prefer a shoe with a wide toe-box and the LunarEclipse+ does seem to offer that. I thought the shoes were really comfortable and the new heel-cup clip meant that I could wear the laces quite loose at the front of the shoe without compromising fit. I would say that at the very least you should try a pair on the treadmill at your local running shop when they are released. If they fit, I think they’ll provide an interesting hybrid racing-support shoe. Please let us know what you think.

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  9. Terry says:


    Wow! Thanks for this invaluable information! I’m delighted to read your comments about the Lunar Eclipse + wide toe-box and the fact that you can leave the laces at the front quite loose because of the effect of the heel-cup clip. Both these factors mean that there is a much better chance that these shoes will accomodate runners like myself who normally go for an Asics wide fit.

    I will certainly feed back my own impressions once I get a pair. In the meantime I will read your full review with rapt attention. Once again, many thanks. Ransacker rocks!


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  10. Ransacker says:

    Hi Terry – thanks for your kind words they are really appreciated! We have high hopes of the LunarEclipse.

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