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April 1st, 2011 by Ransacker | 5 Comments

Just a few minutes ago we were introduced to the new Brooks PureProject line via an exclusive Vodcast from the US. To be honest when we received the invite we did sceptically think that Brooks has just followed the other manufacturers and jumped on the “barefoot bandwagon”, we were proved wrong!

Brooks has taken a revolutionary approach to running shoe classification and we think they have hit the nail on the head. Putting the runner in control they have devised a unique system for shoe selection and created some stunning running shoes to make sure you “run happy”.

Healthy debate is great, although recently, thanks to the media, the barefoot vs running shoes debate has turned into a question about who’s right and who’s wrong. Traditional running shoes manufactures too afraid to support their shoes and the barefoot campaigners happily claiming that there method is best.  However we recently pointed out, there is no conclusive scientific evidence to support either method and that in fact, you may as well choose your footwear based on personal preference and that is exactly what Brook has done.

Less is Less!

As Carson (Footwear Product Line Manager for Brooks Sports, Inc.) explains:  “Less is more” has become the design philosophy of many brands in the market right now that are chasing the minimal trend. The hard part about that for us is that we don’t feel that “less is more” is a great consumer proposition. It is no doubt an uplifting life philosophy, but a product promise? Runners shouldn’t have to pay more for less technology. We want to build a better, biomechanically sound product in a lighter package that allows the runner to feel more with less”.

The Running Experience: Float or Feel

After extensive market research Brooks discovered that when it comes to running we want to experience either Float or Feel.  Basically saying that we either want to feel the shoe beneath our feet or the ground. Some runners may have a preference for all their runs whilst others may like to vary the feel as much as their routes. As a result Brooks decide to reexamine their product spectrum.  So rather than just the basic spectrum they introduced an additional axis called; “Float and Feel.”.  It’s about expanding product breadth and functionality to be built specifically for those who seek a maximum feel experience to those who want the ultimate float experience—all while keeping biomechanics as the focal point for design on BOTH ends of the spectrum.

So on October 1, Brooks will introduce the PureProject collection. PureProject is a new line of footwear that promotes a natural ride and a truly unique running experience in a lightweight package. Utlising a new proactive approach to biomechanics called Ideal. Ideal technology is built into the very geometry of these shoes. It was created to promote a runner’s ideal alignment by attempting to shift force application points to align force vectors, and then load internal structures to enhance performance and decrease the risk for injuries. With this incredibly unique product line, the shoes work together with the body to put runners back in the driver’s seat. Let them be completely connected to their runs, hugging the turns, and dynamically tuned into every step.

Carson: “We want to encourage the runner to choose how they want to experience their runs. There is no right or wrong with Float vs. Feel. It’s all about how an individual wants to run on a given day. It’s about creating dialogue not monologues. It’s about choice. It’s about more WANT and a little less NEED. It’s about having the conversation that the everyday runner is having, not one speckled with confusing and intimidating terms like “minimalism” and “lightweight training.” It’s about making our amazing sport more accessible and enjoyable to the world”.

The Brooks PureProject Running Shoes

Brooks PureConnect

Availability: 01.10.11
Summary: The lightest and most flexible shoe in the line, the PureConnect puts as little as necessary between the runner and road.

What’s unique to this shoe?

  • Most minimal Nav Band for light support
  • Toe Flex grooves extend through forefoot
  • Most flexible underfoot
  • Open mesh upper for maximum airflow

Brooks PureFlow

Availability: 01.10.11
Summary: For runners who want to connect with the run without losing the comfort of dynamic cushioning.

What’s unique to this shoe?

  • Broad Nav Band lasted into shoe for efficient arch support
  • Wide Toe Flex groove
  • Well-cushioned
  • No-sew overlays on modern air mesh

Brooks PureCadence

Availability: 01.10.11
Summary: Runners who need more supportive features can still experience the feel of a more natural stride.

What’s unique to this shoe?

  • Nav Band locks into midsole
  • More grounded Toe Flex
  • Reinforced heel counter secures heel
  • Medial pod works with center strike pod for balance
  • Internal PDRB (Progressive Diagonal Roll Bar)

Brooks PureGrit

Availability: 01.10.11
Summary: Trail runners will love the hug-your-foot upper, slim midsole, and pliable yet protective outsole.

What’s unique to this shoe?

  • One-piece outsole with intuitive lug pattern
  • Concave outsole splays out with pressure
  • Wide base for stable platform
  • Upper foam conforms to foot

We hope to have some pictures of the shoes online over the weekend so stay tuned! We must say that the shoes actually look better in the flesh. We just wish we had a pair to test. Unfortunately the production hasn’t started yet so we will have sample shoes to photograph. We have been promised a pair in August and quite frankly, can’t wait!

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5 Responses to “Brooks PureProject Launch”

  1. James W says:

    Cant wait to see the pictures. Do they have a separate toe compartment? Would they be robust enough for trail running?

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  4. Ransacker says:

    Hi Folks, Please check out our exclusive images of the Brooks Cadence on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Ransacker-Running/111146068933231 It really is a thing of beauty!

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