Gym shoes

In conjunction with Mens Fitness Magazine we have written this article to help you choose the correct pair of gym shoes. Everyone knows the importance of wearing the correct running shoes when going for a run. However, our choice of gym shoes is often given very little thought. Wearing your “normal” running shoes in the gym can have detrimental effects to both your wallet and the risk of injury.

If you already know what makes the perfect gym shoe then you can skip the text below and check out our Top 10 Gym Shoes. We have chosen the best 10 shoes suitable for gym use. They range from the minimal to the supportive, depending on your preferred exercise from weightlifting to pilates.

What makes the perfect gym shoes?

gym shoes - mens fitness magazineCushioning: If you take classes such as step aerobics you will want gym shoes with some extra shock absorption in the forefoot and heel. When running the force through your shoes can be up to 3x your body weight, however when you jump it can be as much as 5x. The last thing you want is for your gym shoes to bottom out!An important consideration if you do a lot of circuit training that involves short sharp turns. Running shoes are designed for running in straight lines and often the tread reflects that. In a pair of gym shoes you want a tread pattern that will help you twist and turn as well as some added lateral support.Traction:

Flexibility: Freedom of movement is crucial when dancing or doing Pilates. Therefore you want a pair of gym shoes that are less rigid since freedom of movement is more important than added support or cushioning.

Stability: Stable, good fitting gym shoes are essential. If you are doing an activity that involves a lot of lateral movement then consider trainers with slightly rounded outsoles. Also a lower profile trainer will be more stable. If you are strength training you want a firm and stable platform with just enough cushioning but not too much.

Weight lifting Shoes:Very few gyms will allow you to go barefoot, and we wouldn’t recommend it. However we would recommend the next best thing, and that is barefoot running shoes. Besides proper weightlifting shoes they are the next best thing. They can also be worn on the treadmill, should you fancy it!

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