Road running shoes

From 5k’s to Marathons; here are our recommendations

With road racing becoming more and more popular we thought that we would let you know the Best Road Running Shoes. Of course our recommendations depend on the distance you intend to run and that is why we have split them into two categories.

Training for 10km races or shorter

Anything up to 10km is really considered a test of speed rather than endurance (depending on the individual) therefore you will require responsive lightweight racing shoes with suitable amounts of cushioning.

If you would like to find out more about road racing shoes then click on this link. Alternatively if you would like to see our Top 10 Road Racing Shoes then please click on the banner below.

Road running shoes

Training for over 10km i.e. half & full marathons

If you are training for an event that will take you in excess on an hour you will require running shoes that provide enough cushioning and support to make sure that you can absorb the repeated impact and keep your feet aligned when you are tired. Although lighter more efficient runners can wear racing shoes for the marathon distance we would not recommend this for the majority of runners.

Whether you require neutral running shoes or stability running shoes you really are spoilt for choice with more than 200+ shoes to choose from. To make your life easier we have recommended the best 10 Neutral and Stability running shoes. Both of which will comfortably see you through any distance. Please click on the banners below to see our recommendations.

There are many more shoe suitable for road running, above is just a small selection of the best on offer. To view our full list of road running shoes please click on this link.