How does it work?

You save money & time whilst benefiting others.

Ransacker is the world’s first specialist running shoes and football boots review website. Currently we review and compare prices for more than 2000 running shoes and football boots (we hope to add more products soon!) To use Ransacker just follow these simple steps:

Enter the name of the product (running shoes or football boots) that you are looking for in the search bar above i.e. Asics Kayano Running Shoes or Nike Mercurial Football Boots.  We will then “Ransack” the web for you.

Review & Compare Prices

Once we have found your product, you will hopefully be able to read a series of reviews and (if possible – more than one retailer lists that product)compare the price across the UK’s top online sports retailers.

Save Money & Time!

Not only will we save you time (you only need to visit one website rather than several) we will often save you at least £5 but it can be as much as £50 off the RRP.

Give to charity

Finally, we donate 10%  of our profits from the sale of Running Shoes  and Football Boots to the charities; Sparks and the Great Football Give Away.

PLEASE NOTE: Using Ransacker will not cost you a penny more than going to the retailer’s store direct!

How can Ransacker donate to charity for every sale?

One of the benefits of running an online business is that the overheads are lower; therefore retailers pay us a small commission for referring a sale to them. From this amount we then donate 10%  to charity. The rest is then used to make sure that we have a sustainable business which can grow and can help charity and you to save money for years to come.

Other advantages of using Ransacker:

Honest Opinions

Because we are 100% impartial to retailers and manufacturers we can give honest opinions. We try and do the “hard yards” in the products we test so that our findings are based on fact not assumptions.

Expert Opinions

We have managed to assemble a panel of unpaid experts ranging from dedicated users to professional athletes and coaches. In addition to this we all try and provide links and advice to “those in the know” at leading magazines such as Runners World & 442 magazine.

User Feedback

Probably the most important information you will read because it is from people that have worn the product you are interested in. They have lived with the products rather than tested them. We would love it if you could spare 2 minutes to quickly write a review. All you need to do is enter the product in search bar above and click on “write a review”. You may even win a free pair of running shoes or football boots for the best review!