What is Ransacker?

Ransacker is an ethical sports shopping comparison engine that makes it easy for consumers to find products, compare prices, read reviews and benefit others.

  • 10% of our profitsĀ are donated to charity.
  • Results are not just driven by price alone, quality of service and consumer feedback is equally as important.
  • Ransacker is the first sports specific shopping comparison site

How can I get involved?

We would love you to become involved with Ransacker and list your products (running shoes only, at the moment). In order to do so all you need get in touch with us and we will register you onto our Merchant Program.

The Ransacker Merchant Program provides a unique way for you to promote your products to an educated and enthusiastic audience. You will be able to prominently display your products throughout the Ransacker website, only paying a fee when a user is directed to one of the products on your website and makes a purchase. This is a unique approach for a comparison website but we believe that it is the only fair way to operate.

These referrals come from users who have already searched for and researched this product, so they are highly qualified and provide an extremely high conversion rate.

What costs are involved?

There aren’t any upfront costs. All we ask is that you pay us a commission when a lead purchases a product on your website. We are not greedy and only ask for an industry average commission; 10%+ on running shoes.

How does it work?

We have tried to make the process as simple as possible:

  • Register Online: providing your contact and billing information.
  • List your products:
    • We will help you produce a file, in a specific format, that can be updated and uploaded easily.
    • Or we can “Ransack” your website using our spider technology and then list your products.
  • Add our code to your shopping basket. Because we operate on a Pay-Per-Sale (PPS) basis we need you to add a very simple piece of code to your shopping basket that will let us know when a sale has been made.
  • Within 24 hours, your listings are available on Ransacker.co.uk
  • You can log-In at anytime to view how you are getting on.

Why should I join?

  • No Risk: We only earn commission on a pay-per-sale basis
  • Advertise your products to a qualified audience without any upfront costs
  • Elevate your brand through increased exposure through affiliation and user feedback
  • Manage your account online 24/7
  • Friendly and proactive sports mad staff
  • Help support worthy causes
  • You only pay us a commission when you make a sale