About Us

Ransacker is the brain child of two sports obsessed, overworked and underpaid soles! Unfortunately all three are of our own doing (no one to blame!), we’ve played sport since escaping the womb and have worked for ourselves for the past three years.

At least once a week we found ourselves trawling the web for sports gear and although it saved us money it cost us our lunch hours! However, one day we had the brain wave “What if we could search all of these websites at once?!”We then spent the next 12 months developing Ransacker.

Whilst creating Ransacker we realised that we had been presented with a golden opportunity to make a difference, not just to ourselves or our potential customers but to charity. Our low overheads (internet based, home workers) meant that we could make a donation to charity every time a sale is made. In addition to our donations we also try and help sporting and charitable organizations to promote their events and create a sustainable future. Last year we were heavily involved with the Snowdonia Marathon and this year we hope to provide as much support as needed to The Great Football Give Away and Sparks.

100% unbiased & brutally honest

Unlike other publishers, because we don’t rely on advertising revenue we can say what the hell we want (and so can you!) about a pair of running shoes or football boots. If we think a product is rubbish we will let you know, likewise if we think its the mutts nuts we will let you know.

We are not perfect (far from it!) but we are trying.

Ransacker is a long way from being the finished article, in fact its evolving all the time. Thanks to feedback from you and our commitment to be getting better we are constantly modifying and updating the site. If you see anything missing or have any ideas on how we can improve please let us know.

At present we only compare running shoes and football boots however as we get bigger and better we will add other products. If you would like a specific product to be “RANSACKED” please contact us.

We welcome any feedback and look forward to hearing from you! For all the recent goings on at Ransacker please running and football  visit our blogs.