Metasox – Product Review with Ben Burgess

September 24th, 2010 by Ben Burgess | Comment

What will these innovative scientists and company’s come up with next to protect us pampered footballers?

A shin pad for your foot maybe? Well yes they actually have…

Introducing the Metasox.

Having decided that us poor footballers are too at risk of metatarsal injuries due to the flimsy lightweight nature of some of today’s football boots, Metasox have decided to act. A little too late some might say after the likes of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney have already dashed the nations hopes in past tournaments due to pesky metatarsal injuries.

These socks boast that they will prevent these injuries through a 3mm silicone pad that provides 40 newtons of impact resistance; they also have extra padding around the foot for added comfort.

You really can feel the silicone pad when you put the socks on and it does take a few days to get used to. There can be a slight problem when putting your boots on, as I like my boots tight and the extra room the pad takes up makes it very snug and it can feel like there is too much padding on the top of your foot where your laces are, but you do get used to it eventually.

I’m personally not sure as to how much the silicone pad will protect your feet, if some 14stone defender is jumping and landing on you. I think you would get a lot more protection from something like the concave boot that has a lot harder pad to absorb impact, but a pad like that would be unfeasible on socks.

Comfort wise the rest of the sock feels great and they are a little thicker than the normal Nike socks we wear, so that ensures no rubbing from your boots.

On the looks side they are just like normal ankle socks but they do have something very important for the less intelligent footballers…an L and an R appear on the socks to leave you in no doubt which to put on.

Overall I think the Metasox are a good idea and I think it’s great that these new products keep popping up. As with most new products they will improve with future versions. I didn’t receive any really hard challenges whilst trialling the socks so I can’t say they will definitely help you avoid injury, but if they do make even the slightest difference to you then I believe they are worth the money.

As ever if you have any questions just let me know!

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Metasox - Product Review with Ben Burgess, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings


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