Boot Room Banter: Arturo Lupoli of Sheffield United..

February 25th, 2009 by James Evans | Comment

Striker Arturo Lupoli began his career at Parma, but was snapped up by Arsenal at the age of 17, before he made even a senior appearance for the Italian outfit. 

Lupoli turned out just nine times for the Gunners, scoring three goals, before returning to Italy and joining Fiorentina. This season has seen him reemerge to English shores with, firstly, Norwich City, where he had to make do with a place on the bench for the first part of the campaign, and now Sheffield United, where he hopes to prove that he can cut it in England.

He scored on his debut for the Blades and hopes to aid their promotion push this season. But one thing is for sure, he won’t be donning pink boots like one of his former Arsenal teammates did recently! He spoke to Ransacker’s Chris Galea about boot preferences here and in Italy.

Q. What boots do you wear?
A. I wear the Adidas F50s.

Q. Have you always worn them?
A. I’ve worn either them or the Predators for the last three years or so.

Q. Why did you choose them?
A. Well I have been with Adidas for a few years now and I felt from the Adidas range, the F50s suited me best because they are light and comfortable. I feel they are good for strikers and attack-minded players.

Q. Is there a lot of difference between boots?
A. I think there is some difference, with some heavier than others. Comfort is a big thing really for a footballer because they spend a lot of time in them. A player often gets used to a type of boot and sticks with them for a long time. I think everyone is different and I prefer to go for the lighter type, such as the F50s.

Q. A lot more players are wearing coloured boots nowadays, what is your view on coloured boots?
A. I think black boots are always the best for me to wear, but today there are so many different colours available because the different brands want to get noticed more than the others. It’s nice to have a different option available and it is quite a personal choice, but they are not really for me.

Q. Arsenal striker Nicklas Bendtner recently wore pink boots, would you wear a pair?
A. No, I don’t think they are for me because they are very bright and draw a lot of attention with those boots. It is a personal choice and Nicklas likes to be different in those kind of things, so he made his choice to wear the pink boots for that reason, to be unique.

Q. Do boot preferences in Italy differ to those in England, because the pitches are different over there?
A. They are different over there, yes. In England we do have high quality pitches, but they tend to be wet and a bit salty most of the time, so it is important to wear the right type of boots so that you can grip the surface well when it is slippy. There are more dry pitches in Italy, so grip is less essential because you rarely have to play on a wet pitch over there.

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