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Ransacker has created the most comprehensive football boot testing program on the internet. Our exclusive Review Program takes the key elements of research – user feedback and professional testing by Championship footballers to ultimately test which boots live up to the hype.

No fluffy language, no outlandish claims, just the hard reality of how well a boot stands up to the demands of three of the most rigorous independent tests.

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Once again, we prove that we are not afraid to pull any punches. Because we are 100% impartial and don’t rely on advertising revenue, we are entirely honest in our reviews. We review football boots under real conditions. That means constatly playing in the boots and putting them through some tests to really see how they perform where it matters. Click here to read our latest reviews. 

Professional Testing!

Ben Burgess from Championship outfit Notts Countyputs the market’s latest football boots through their paces, both on the training ground and in match-day situations. Never has the latest products on the market been the subject of such a raw, unbiased, real-life review, and where better to conduct our research than on the pitch? To read his latest review click here.

User Reviews


These are the most important reviews on Ransacker because they are written by footballers like yourself.  If you have rated or slated a pair of football boots we’d love to hear your opinion. Not only will you be helping your fellow footballers but for every review submitted you’ll be giving yourself the chance to win the latest football boots. Every month we will be giving away a free pair (up to the value of £100) to the author of the best review – simply find the football boots you wish to review and click the Review link to write your masterpiece! 

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