Choosing the right boots

Buying the right football boots is relatively straight forward and depends on three things:

  1. Playing Surface
  2. Your Position / Style
  3. Your Budget!

We would add looks to the equation as well but with every manufacturer now offering stylish designs across their range you will easily find a pair of football boots to suit your look.

Playing Surface

Firstly you need to look at which surface you intend to play on. The type of outsole (bottom of the boot) will have a direct effect on the function of the foot and should be a major consideration when playing. A good boot should give you support, stability, grip and traction allowing you to perform.

  • Soft Ground: natural grass surfaces, mainly through the winter months.
  • Firm Ground: natural grass surfaces that have become too hard for a traditional studs or long blades.
  • Hard Ground: very hard natural surfaces
  • Astro
  • Indoor

soft ground footbal bootsSoft Ground Football Boots

Soft Ground football boots possess screw-in studs or blades. Due to the added length of the studs and blades they are ideally suited for wet soft ground. The positions of the studs are generlly mixed but replacement studs can be added. However bladed studs are moulded to the outsole of the boots.

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Firm Ground Football Boots

Firm Ground football boots have moulded studded or short bladed outsoles. They have been designed for surfaces that are too firm for Soft Ground football boots. Typically the ground will firm up during preseason, frozen Winter conditions or towards the end of the season. Due to the fact that the studs or blades are moulded to the boots you must take care not to wear them on tarmac.

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Hard Ground Football Boots

Hard Ground football boots are for very hard natural and Astro surfaces. The outsoles are peppered with low profile moulded rubber studs. With a rubber outsole, the Hard Ground football boot is designed to be extremely durable. The short, circular or bladed studs of hard ground boots offer stability and traction, yet create cushioning.

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astro-turf-bootsAstro Turf Football Boots / Trainers

Astro Turf football boots / Astro Trainers usually feature an extremely durable rubber outsole. They often feature small rubber studs or patterns on the outsole to improve traction on hard, natural fields and artificial turf. Astro Turf boots can also be used as a back up pair of boots for play on hard surfaces

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Indoor Football Boots

Indoor football boots / football trainers will generally feature a rubber flat outsole. They are created for playing indoor football or futsal. These boots have a lower profile fit and look like trainers. The rubber outsoles of many indoor boots often feature a herringbone pattern or design to promote traction while playing indoors.

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Rather than defining what football boots you should buy by the position you play we think it should be defined by the type of player that you are. Your football boots should compliment your style of play.

  • Fast acceleration and great touch (forward or winger) - blades or a light studded boot with a soft leather.
  • Long range shooter and work horse (central midfielder or wingback) - opt for a classic boot option, they will give you great accuracy when passing, shooting and crossing.
  • Stalwart defender or goalkeeper - boots with good grip and a solid structure to prevent injury from big collisions.

Your Budget

As with most footwear, the benefit of spending a little more is often felt when the product in question is worn. Football boots are no different, however the increase in price is not always proportional to the increase in quality and value for money. Generally we would recommend that you set a budget of between £50.00-£100.00 for a decent pair of football boots.

All in all, don’t throw your money at a pair of boots that look great but feel awful and conflict with your strengths as a player. If you play on different surfaces then buy different types of boots for a cheaper price rather than spending all your money on a boot you think will suit all purposes.

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To buy online or not?

As an online business you would think that we would have a rather biased answer to this one! If you buy online via us you will often save £10 or more versus the high street retail price. However, you will not be able to try the boots on before you purchase. Therefore we would recommend that you talk to your mates, or check out our blog for reviews before making your purchase. All of our retailers have very good return policies so as long as you do not tamper with the boots you can return them within 30 days for a refund. If you have any questions about sizing or a particular brand just get in touch and we will try and help.

The Professional’s Guide to Fotball Boot Selection

The most important part of a footballers kit? It has to be the boots. Yet what exactly should we be looking for in a pair? Some players choose on looks, some on feel and some just simply because they get paid the most to wear that certain brand. To find out how our resident professional Ben Burgess chooses his boots please click on the image below.